AOI: Bionix

by De La Soul

Original Release Date: 2001-12-04

AOI: Bionix

On their sixth album, 2001’s AOI: Bionix—the second volume in a never-completed trilogy—De La Soul took on a gently robotic feel for their head-nodding-est project ever. There’s a little bit of hedonism in here, with a few breezy songs about what they used to call “buddy”: “Pawn Star” is like X-rated Curtis Mayfield, “What We Do (For Love)” features Slick Rick with an adult update of “Children’s Story”, mild hit “Baby Phat” is a celebration of thicker women. And there’s a little weed smoke in the air, too, on “Peer Pressure”—though, in true Delacratic fashion, Posdnuos abstains, even when going toe-to-toe with Cypress Hill’s B-Real. However, De La Soul had not turned into a mellow party crew, as the gospel-tinged “Held Down” and the child-chant-abetted “Trying People” attest—they are existential soul jams with raps about jealousy, growth and the changing rap world.


  1. Intro (0:29)
  2. Bionix (2:43)
  3. Baby Phat (3:50)
  4. Simply (4:05)
  5. Simply Havin (0:48)
  6. Held Down (4:54)
  7. Rev. Do Good #1 (1:05)
  8. Watch Out (3:35)
  9. Special (3:37)
  10. Rev. Do Good #2 (1:14)
  11. The Sauce (2:25)
  12. Am I Worth You? (4:01)
  13. Pawn Star (4:07)
  14. What We Do (For Love) (5:05)
  15. Rev. Do Good #3 (2:20)
  16. Peer Pressure (5:09)
  17. It’s American (1:10)
  18. Trying People (4:31)

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