Are You Normal?

by Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Are You Normal?


  1. Suave And Suffocated
  2. Walking Through Syrup
  3. Legoland
  4. Swallowing Air
  5. Who Goes First?
  6. Tantrum
  7. Not Sleeping Around
  8. You Don’t Want To Do That
  9. Leg End In His Own Boots
  10. Two And Two Made Five
  11. Fracture
  12. Spring
  13. Intact

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Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-Legoland

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Numbered Reissue (Blue Translucent, 180 Gram)
Label Music On Vinyl
Catalog Number MOVLP3329
Notes Edition of 1000 machine numbered copies.
Discogs URL Ned’s Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal?