‘B’ is for Silver Sun

by Silver Sun

‘B’ is for Silver Sun


  1. Tokyo E Ikitai
  2. 17 Times
  3. In Nature
  4. High Times
  5. It Couldn’t Be You
  6. She’ll Do
  7. Angel Eyes
  8. Made For You
  9. Reasons To Live
  10. American Metal
  11. Tokyo E Ikitai (Instrumental)

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Format Vinyl LP Album Compilation Reissue
Label Demon Records
Catalog Number DEMREC1038
Notes All the tracks were taken from the two-part U.K. singles for “Golden Skin,” “Julia” and one from the re-released “Lava”. Previously only available exclusively in Japan. Now pressed on vinyl for the very first time. Pressed on 140g black vinyl with printed inner sleeves.
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