by World Party


Bang! is the third studio album by Welsh-British group World Party, released by Ensign Records on 20 April 1993.


  1. Kingdom Come
  2. Is It Like Today?
  3. What Is Love All About?
  4. And God Said….
  5. Give It All Away
  6. Sooner Or Later
  7. Hollywood
  8. Radio Days
  9. Rescue Me
  10. Sunshine
  11. All I Gave

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World Party - Let the Kindom Come

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Format Vinyl LP Album Misprint Reissue
Label Seaview Records Ltd.
Catalog Number seaview 3LP
Notes With printed inner sleeve. “Sooner or Later” erroneously listed as last song on A side on both jacket and label. “Give It All Away (Reprise)” is not included though it appears on both jacket and label. Tracks for additional engineering credit by Joe Blaney are not specified on this release, but other versions (including [r8181374] and [r3184051]) identify this credit only for “Radio Days,” “Sunshine” and “All I Gave”. Rear cover & labels: Manufactured in the USA
Discogs URL World Party - Bang!