Behind Closed Doors

by Thunder

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is the third studio album by English hard rock band Thunder. Recorded between May and August 1994 at various studios, primarily Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia, it was produced the band’s lead guitarist Luke Morley and Mike Fraser, the latter of whom also mixed the album at the Record Plant in Los Angeles, California. The album was released on 23 January 1995 by EMI Records in Europe and Japan, and was not released in the United States. Following the departure of the band’s original bassist Mark “Snake” Luckhurst in December 1992, Behind Closed Doors is the first (and only) Thunder album to feature his replacement Mikael “Micke” Höglund, who joined in February 1993. All five band members, as well as former producer Andy Taylor, contributed to the writing of the material on the album, which also featured a wide range of additional guest musicians. Behind Closed Doors peaked at number 5 on the UK Albums Chart. Behind Closed Doors was promoted on the Behind Closed Doors Tour beginning in April 1995, which included shows in the UK, Europe and Japan, as well as a number of festival dates. Three singles were released from the album, all of which reached the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart – “Stand Up” peaked at number 23, “River of Pain” peaked at number 31 and “Castles in the Sand” peaked at number 30. All three singles also reached the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart top five.


  1. Moth To The Flame
  2. Fly On The Wall
  3. I’ll Be Waiting
  4. River Of Pain
  5. Future Train
  6. ‘Til The River Runs Dry
  7. Stand Up
  8. Preaching From A Chair
  9. Castles In The Sand
  10. Too Scared To Live
  11. Ball And Chain
  12. It Happened In This Town
  13. In A Broken Dream (Live At Club Citta Japan, 2000)
  14. Stand Up (Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire London, 2005)
  15. Til The River Runs Dry (Live At Nottingham Rock City, 2005)
  16. Preaching From A Chair (Acoustic At Tackle Out Studio Hove, 2019)

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Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue (Clear), Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue (Red)
Label BMG
Catalog Number BMGCAT717DLP
Notes Track D1 Previously available on a Japan only live CD called ‘Open The Window, Close The Door’. Long deleted and never previously available on vinyl or digital. Track D2 Previously unreleased Track D3 Previously only available on The Xmas Show Live 2005 CD given to ticket holders only. Long deleted and has never been on vinyl or digital. Track D4 Previously available on a Thunder shop exclusive CD in 2019 called ‘Danny & Luke, A Nice Pair’. Long deleted and has never been on vinyl. Some copies came with a limited edition art card.
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