Bright Sparks

by I Monster

Bright Sparks


  1. The Fantastic Tale Of Dr. Moog And The Birth Of The Shimmering Beast (5:19)
  2. The Uncertain Contents Of The Buchla Box (6:01)
  3. Alan R. Pearlman And The ARPiological Exploration Of The Cosmos (6:17)
  4. The Ballad Of Harry Chamberlain And The Surreptitious Window Cleaner (4:56)
  5. The Bradley Brothers Realise The Transmutation Of The Chamberlain To The Mellotron (4:37)
  6. London, 1969 - The Wizards Of Putney Deny Accusations Of Unholy Enchantment At The Electronic Music Studios (EMS) (5:13)
  7. Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) - The Dirt In The Ointment (3:50)
  8. The Further Adventures Of K. Freeman And His Incredible Machine Of A Thousand Strings (5:08)

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I Monster - The Fantastic Tale of Dr. Moog and the Birth of the Shimmering Beast

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Album (Gatefold Sleeve)
Label Twins Of Evil
Catalog Number BIGTOELP2
Discogs URL I Monster - Bright Sparks