Dumbing Up

by World Party

Dumbing Up

Dumbing Up is the fifth and final studio album by World Party, released in 2000 on Karl Wallinger’s own record label.


  1. Side One
  2. Here Comes The Future (4:44)
  3. What Does It Mean Now? (4:59)
  4. Another 1000 Years (5:30)
  5. I Thought You Were A Spy (3:32)
  6. All The Love That’s Wasted (4:33)
  7. Side Two
  8. Best Place I’ve Ever Been (3:26)
  9. Santa Barbara (4:23)
  10. Nothing Lasts Forever (4:02)
  11. High Love (6:50)
  12. I Want To Be Free (2:51)
  13. Side Three
  14. Words (5:29)
  15. Who Are You? (5:06)
  16. You’re A Hurricane, I’m A Caravan (4:02)
  17. See The Light (5:19)
  18. Side Four
  19. Photograph (4:52)
  20. Little Bit Of Perfection (5:26)
  21. ‘Til I Got You (3:42)
  22. Always On My Mind (8:34)

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World Party - What Does It Mean Now?

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Key Value
Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumbing_Up
Format Vinyl LP Album Misprint Reissue Remastered Stereo (180g)
Label Seaview Records Ltd.
Catalog Number Seaview 5LP
Notes 180 gram vinyl reissue. This 2 LP version is first time on vinyl. This release combines the tracks from the original 2000 UK CD release and the 2006 US CD release and adds “I Want to Be Free,” “Words” and “Photograph.” Spine erroneously reads “Private Revolution.” Lyrics for “Who Are You?” are actually those of “What Does It Mean Now?” Rear cover & labels: Manufactured in the USA.
Discogs URL World Party - Dumbing Up