Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)

by Kenji Kawai

Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)


  1. M01 謡I - Making Of Cyborg
  2. M02 Ghosthack (本編未使用)
  3. EXM Puppetmaster
  4. M04 Virtual Crime
  5. M05 謠 II - Ghost City
  6. M06 Access
  7. M07 Nightstalker
  8. M08 Floating Museum
  9. M09 Ghostdive
  10. M10 謠 III - Reincarnation
  11. Bonus 7"
  12. 挿入歌 毎天見一見! (See You Everyday)

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Ghost In The Shell (1995) OST

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP, Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Single Sided, All Media Album Limited Edition Misprint Reissue Stereo
Label We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Catalog Number WRWTFWW017LTD
Notes Misprint: white characters “攻殻機動隊” (Ghost In The Shell) on obi are missing. Version with correct printed obi strip: [r10806721]. Hype sticker reads: “First official release on vinyl.” Housed in sleeve with silver hot foil embossed print, obi, and 24-page liner notes booklet.
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