Hold Your Fire

by Rush

Original Release Date: 1987-09-08

Hold Your Fire

Anyone acquainted with the epic grandeur of this progressive rock trio’s work in the ‘70s might be surprised to hear Rush so comfortable in the pop-rock world of the ‘80s. Yet, it makes great sense that a band constantly looking to re-invent itself would find comfort in the emergent technologies of the era. Geddy Lee’s voice frequently comes down from the helium-screech end of his range to embrace a warmer, human tone and it’s his extra keyboard washes that layer the intricacies of the songs. Drummer Neil Peart can still be heard functioning as both the steady metronomic beat box and a percussive wunderkind consistently surprising with his inventive fills. But the real emphasis here is on songwriting. “Time Stand Still” with ‘Til Tuesday’s Aimee Mann doubling up the vocals, “Open Secrets,” and “Turn the Page” are among the group’s most rewarding. “Force Ten” is a techno-charged hard rocker that recalls the band’s fiery early edge. “Lock and Key” and “Mission” use ethereal textures underneath rock brawn.


  1. Force Ten (4:28)
  2. Time Stand Still (5:07)
  3. Open Secrets (5:37)
  4. Second Nature (4:35)
  5. Prime Mover (5:19)
  6. Lock And Key (5:08)
  7. Mission (5:15)
  8. Turn The Page (4:53)
  9. Tai Shan (4:14)
  10. High Water (5:32)

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Rush - Lock And Key (Hold Your Fire) (German Repress CD)

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Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hold_Your_Fire
Format Vinyl LP Album Reissue (180 Gram)
Label Mercury
Catalog Number 00602547118295
Notes Lyrics sheet inserted with lyrics, credits on one side and photo/art (man juggling with fire) on other. Plastic-lined paper inner sleeve. Including a voucher to download an MP3 Vinyl rip of the album. Voucher also includes credits for reissue and DMM info. Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) technology used. Pressed on 180 g vinyl.
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