Hot Rats

by Frank Zappa

Original Release Date: 1969-10-10

Hot Rats

Frank Zappa’s guitar chops played second fiddle to his skewered pop visions, his tape-edit abilities, and the general bizarre quality of his work with The Mothers of Invention. Lumpy Gravy saw him conducting an orchestra, while Cruising with Ruben and the Jets fulfilled his interests in doo-wop. Hot Rats, meanwhile, shows off Zappa’s unorthodox approach to jazz and blues. “Willie the Pimp,” with Captain Beefheart wailing away as Howlin’ Wolf, is an epic jam, with Zappa turning in one of his dirtiest performances on record. At nine minutes, the only complaint is that it’s too short! “Peaches En Regalia” is a stone classic, a compact piece that shows off Zappa’s guitar and arrangement skills. The extended pieces—“Son of Mr. Green Genes,” “The Gumbo Variations”—carry symphonic and jazz-improv weight, respectively, while “Little Umbrellas” and “It Must Be a Camel” prove Zappa can get down to business when the spirit moves him. Longtime musical accomplices Ian Underwood and Don “Sugarcane” Harris are on board, as well as Jean-Luc Ponty and Little Feat’s Lowell George. 


  1. Peaches En Regalia (3:58)
  2. Willie The Pimp (9:25)
  3. Son Of Mr. Green Genes (8:58)
  4. Little Umbrellas (3:09)
  5. The Gumbo Variations (12:55)
  6. It Must Be A Camel (5:15)

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F̲rank Z̲a̲ppa - H̲ot R̲a̲ts (Full Album) 1969

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Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue Remastered (Hot Pink, 180G, Gatefold)
Label Zappa Records
Catalog Number ZR 3841Z-1
Notes As per sticker on shrink-wrap: “50th Anniversary Translucent Hot Pink 180G Pressing. Limited Edition celebrating FZ’s legendary 1969 solo outing. Pressed at Pallas. ZR3841Z-1” This album originally released 1969. All Compositions Controlled Worldwide by the Zappa Family Trust, dba Munchkin Music. © 1969/℗ mmviii ZFT. All rights reserved. Re-Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering, 2008. Under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recording. Unauthorized performing/reproduction/sampling/distribution/filesharing/streaming/rental/recording/arrangements of any content herein/on is subject to all applicable laws (including cosmic). All rights of the Artist deserved & conserved, Heirs preserved & Copyrights Holders reserved. Zappa, Frank Zappa, FZ, Grand Rights, Dweezil & [zappa beard logo] are ZFT registered Marks. All rights reserved. Universal International Music B.V. Gerrit Van Der Veenlaan 4, 3743 Dn, Baarn, Netherlands. Made in the EU. BIEM/SDRM. LC 01846. 00824302384114. This is Zappa Family Archival Matter In Living Yelm. Source: Original 1969 analog Master. This is Official Release #8. Participate in Democracy. Register & Vote. Recorded 16 track August through September 1969 Mastered 2008 from FZ’s original edited master [originally released with [l22206]]. [Comes in protected plain white inner sleeve]
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