by Lush



  1. Ladykillers
  2. Heavenly Nobodies
  3. 500
  4. I’ve Been Here Before
  5. Papasan
  6. Single Girl
  7. Ciao!
  8. Tralala
  9. Last Night
  10. Runaway
  11. The Childcatcher
  12. Olympia

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Lush - Single Girl

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue Remastered (Clear)
Label 4AD
Catalog Number 4AD0453LP
Notes Recorded at Protocol Studios, London, May to August 1995. Mixed at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA, September 1995, except for track B10: mixed at BJG Studios, London. Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME. Track durations not stated on this release. Tracks are numbered sequentially across sides.
Discogs URL Lush - Lovelife