Lumpy Gravy

by Frank Zappa

Lumpy Gravy

Lumpy Gravy is the debut solo album by Frank Zappa, written by Zappa and performed by a group of session players he dubbed the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra. Zappa conducted the orchestra but did not perform on the album. It is his third album overall: his previous releases had been under the name of his group, the Mothers of Invention. It was commissioned and briefly released, on August 7, 1967, by Capitol Records in the 4-track Stereo-Pak format only and then withdrawn due to a lawsuit from MGM Records. MGM claimed that the album violated Zappa’s contract with their subsidiary, Verve Records. In 1968 it was reedited and released by MGM’s Verve Records on May 13, 1968. The final version of the album consisted of two musique concrète pieces that combined elements from the original orchestral performance with elements of surf music and the spoken word. It was praised for its music and editing. Produced simultaneously with We’re Only in It for the Money, Zappa saw Lumpy Gravy as the second part of a conceptual continuity that later included his final album, Civilization Phaze III.


  1. Lumpy Gravy-Part I (15:45)
  2. Lumpy Gravy-Part II (15:56)


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Format Vinyl LP Album Reissue Remastered Stereo (Gatefold, 180 Gram)
Label Zappa Records
Catalog Number ZR 3836-1
Notes Housed in a gatefold jacket. Issued with a white poly lined inner sleeve. [Front sleeve:] A curiously inconsistent piece which started out to be a ballet but probably didn’t make it. […] with maybe even some of the mothers of invention [Inside gatefold:] This album was recorded in February of 1967 [Rear sleeve:] [Text balloon:] Is this phase 2 of: We’re Only In It For The Money? The work controlled worldwide by the Zappa Family Trust, dba Munchkin Music c1968 pmmxvi Zappa Records. Mastered […], 2016 Made in the EU Source: 1968 Analog Master Safety This is Official Release #3 [Labels:] © 1968 ℗ mmxvi Zappa Records. Runout details: Everything is hand-etched except stamped ‘-39683-’ and ‘P.USA’ on both sides. There is also a [url=]US release[/url] with the same catalog number.
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