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by Longpigs

Mobile Home


  1. The Frank Sonata (3:53)
  2. Blue Skies (3:57)
  3. Gangsters (4:57)
  4. Free Toy (4:42)
  5. Baby Blue (3:55)
  6. Dance Baby Dance (4:13)
  7. Miss Believer (4:20)
  8. I Lied I Love You (4:43)
  9. Keep The Light Alive (3:38)
  10. Speech Bubble (3:46)
  11. Dog Is Dead (4:01)
  12. Loud And Clear (3:09)
  13. In The Snow (4:30)

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Longpigs - The Frank Sonata

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue Stereo (Clear, 180g)
Label Demon Records
Catalog Number DEMREC950X
Notes Clear vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies with print insert signed by Crispin Hunt Hype sticker on the front of the signed print version is different to the standard, non-signed print version. Hype sticker states: “Indies Exclusive Version Includes Print Signed By Crispin Hunt” Rear sleeve includes a different barcode on a sticker stuck on the original shrink-wrap obscuring the sleeve printed barcode to distinguish it from the standard issue. Hype sticker: DEMREC950X Sleeve/labels: DEMREC950
Discogs URL Longpigs - Mobile Home