Octane Twisted

by Porcupine Tree

Octane Twisted

Octane Twisted is a live album released by Porcupine Tree on 5 November 2012. The album contains a live performance of the band’s 2009 album The Incident in its entirety recorded at the Riviera Theater in Chicago on 30 April 2010. The second CD contains other tracks also recorded in Chicago (CD 2, tracks 1–4), along with 3 songs from the band’s (then) final show at Royal Albert Hall in London on 14 October 2010 (CD 2, tracks 5–7). The initial pressing also included a DVD containing a video of the Incident set.


  1. The Incident (Part 1)
  2. Occam’s Razor
  3. The Blind House
  4. Great Expectations
  5. Kneel And Disconnect
  6. Drawing The Line
  7. The Incident
  8. Your Unpleasant Family
  9. The Incident (Part 2)
  10. The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train
  11. Time Flies
  12. The Incident (Part 3)
  13. Degree Zero Of Liberty
  14. Octane Twisted
  15. The Séance
  16. Circle Of Manias
  17. I Drive The Hearse
  18. Hatesong
  19. Stars Die
  20. Russia On Ice / The Pills I’m Taking
  21. Bonnie The Cat
  22. Even Less
  23. Dislocated Day
  24. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here

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Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_Twisted
Format Box Set Album Reissue, Vinyl 3× LP Stereo, Vinyl LP Single Sided Etched
Label Transmission Recordings
Catalog Number TRANSM132LBX
Notes 4x 140g vinyl in box, etching on side H, cardboard inner sleeves. Hype sticker on cellophane Recorded at The Riviera, Chicago, 30th April 2010 except “Even Less”. “Discolated Day” and “Arriving Somewhere But Not Here” recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 14th October 2010 ℗ 2012 Porcupine Tree © 2012 Porcupine Tree Made in the EU
Discogs URL Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted