Private Revolution

by World Party

Private Revolution

Private Revolution is the debut album by the Welsh-British rock band World Party. At this point, singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Karl Wallinger was the only member of World Party, and the only person pictured on the cover. Wallinger is assisted on this album by several session musicians, including Anthony Thistlethwaite, Steve Wickham and Sinéad O’Connor. Several other musicians listed in the credits are actually whimsically named pseudonyms for Wallinger himself.


  1. Private Revolution (4:01)
  2. Making Love (To The World) (2:30)
  3. Ship Of Fools (4:27)
  4. All Come True (5:52)
  5. Dance Of The Hoppy Lads (0:44)
  6. It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes) (3:00)
  7. The Ballad Of The Little Man (5:02)
  8. Hawaiian Island World (4:20)
  9. All I Really Want To Do (4:43)
  10. World Party (4:36)
  11. It’s All Mine (5:33)

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World Party - Ship of Fools

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