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Semi-Detached is the fourth major label album by the rock band Therapy? Released on 30 March 1998 on A&M Records, it turned out to be their final album on the label. The album was recorded at various stages throughout 1997, including sessions at Chipping Norton Studios in Oxford, Homestead Studio in Randalstown, Moles Studio in Bath and Metropolis Studios in London. It was also the first Therapy? album recorded with Graham Hopkins and Martin McCarrick as full-time members. The album was not released in USA, but charted at number 21 in the UK Albums Chart.The album was originally released on CD and Cassette, and as a limited edition box set of six 7" singles.A remastered CD version of the album by Harvey Birrell was included in The Gemil Box, released on 18 November 2013.The cover artwork is a reference to Happy Days, a play by Samuel Beckett, whose writings are often referenced in Therapy?’s music.


  1. Church Of Noise
  2. Tightrope Walker
  3. Black Eye Purple Sky
  4. Lonely, Cryin’, Only.
  5. Born Too Soon
  6. Stay Happy.
  7. Safe
  8. Straight Life
  9. Heaven’s Gate.
  10. Don’t Expect Roses.
  11. Tramline
  12. The Boy’s Asleep



Therapy? - Lonely, Cryin’, Only

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Format Vinyl LP Album Reissue (Yellow / Black Marbled, 180 Gram, 25th Anniversary)
Label Music On Vinyl
Catalog Number MOVLP3567
Notes Premier vinyl LP version of this album. Upon original release in 1998, it was never released on LP, the only vinyl version being the multi-7" box set, see [r=970042]. 25th anniversary edition on coloured heavyweight opaque vinyl. Matte sleeve. Disc held in a polylined die cut white paper inner sleeve. Includes a 12" square matte paper insert, printed on both sides. The packing did not come shrink-wrapped, rather in a resealable polypropylene cover. Affixed to this is a bronze/gold hype sticker. Runouts are etched.
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