Silver Sun

by Silver Sun

Silver Sun

Silver Sun is the debut full album by the British power pop band Silver Sun. It was released in May 1997 on Polydor Records and was produced by Nigel Godrich. Changing their name from Sun, under which their debut EP had been released, their debut studio album was released under the name Silver Sun. The album received critical acclaim, but had limited chart success, reaching #30 in the UK Album Chart. Four singles were released from the album; “Lava”, “Last Day”, “Golden Skin” and “Julia”, of which, only “Golden Skin” and “Lava” reached the UK Top 40. “Golden Skin” was used in the soundtrack of the British romantic comedy film Shooting Fish which was released the same year as the album.[1]


  1. Test
  2. Golden Skin
  3. Dumb
  4. Julia
  5. Far Out
  6. Last Day
  7. Service
  8. Yellow Light
  9. Lava
  10. Digits
  11. This ‘N’ That
  12. Wonderful
  13. Bad Haircut
  14. Nobody
  15. Animals Feets

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Silver Sun - Silver Sun (1997) FULL ALBUM

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