The Hoople

by Mott The Hoople

The Hoople

The Hoople is the seventh studio album by British rock band Mott the Hoople. The album peaked in the UK Albums Chart at No. 11, whilst its highest chart rating in the US was No. 28. A remastered and expanded version was released by Sony BMG on the Columbia Legacy label in Europe in 2006. It was the only album to feature guitarist Ariel Bender (who replaced Mick Ralphs following his departure to form Bad Company), and the last album to feature vocalist Ian Hunter before his departure for a solo career. The album’s cover features a stylised portrait of Kari-Ann Muller (with the band members in her hair), who also graces the cover of Roxy Music’s 1972 debut album.


  1. The Golden Age Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:23)
  2. Marionette (5:03)
  3. Alice (5:26)
  4. Crash Street Kidds (4:29)
  5. Born Late 58 (3:58)
  6. Trudi’s Song (4:25)
  7. Pearl ‘N’ Roy (England) (4:25)
  8. Through The Looking Glass (4:44)
  9. Roll Away The Stone (3:08)

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Mott The Hoople The Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll

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Format Vinyl LP Album Stereo
Label CBS
Catalog Number S 69062
Notes Light blue lyrics sheet included. Some copies were issued with a round golden sticker reading: INCLUDING: ROLL AWAY THE STONE and GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL [a=Ariel Bender] appears by courtesy of [l=Island Records Ltd.] Recorded at Advision Studios, London W.1. January 1974. Re-mixed and dubbed at AIR (London) Studios 2 and 3 February 1974. B5 recorded at AIR (London) Studios No. 2 by Alan “Madswitcher” Harris, May/June 1973 Equipment by Ritchie, Phil, and Eddie. Model: Kari-Ann. [a=Lynsey De Paul] appeared courtesy of [url=]MAM Records[/url] and the Triumph Motor Co. Ltd. [url=]Barry[/url], [url=]Sue and Sunny[/url] appeared with [url=]Howie[/url], Johnny and Alec [a412016] appeared to be in [url=]Bad Company[/url] A1 to B4 published by April Music / H & H Music. B5 Published by Island Music Shorepak by Shorewood Packaging Co. Ltd. England ℗ 1974 CBS Inc. B5 ℗ 1973. Made in England. Runouts are stamped.
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