The John Lennon Collection

by John Lennon

The John Lennon Collection


  1. Give Peace A Chance (4:49)
  2. Instant Karma! (3:18)
  3. Power To The People (3:00)
  4. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (3:24)
  5. #9 Dream (4:40)
  6. Mind Games (4:15)
  7. Love (3:20)
  8. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (3:32)
  9. Imagine (3:02)
  10. Jealous Guy (4:15)
  11. Stand By Me (3:26)
  12. (Just Like) Starting Over (3:56)
  13. Woman (3:35)
  14. I’m Losing You (4:02)
  15. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (4:02)
  16. Watching The Wheels (3:34)
  17. Dear Yoko (2:32)

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WOMAN. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon (official music video HD)

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Compilation Stereo
Label Parlophone
Catalog Number EMTV 37
Notes Released with a lyric inner sleeve. A1 recorded in Room 1742, Montreal, Canada. Mastered at Artisan Sound Recorders, Hollywood. Durations do not appear on this release. ℗Original sound recordings made by EMI Records Ltd. *The David Geffen Co. [Tracks from Double Fantasy B4-B9] The compilation ℗1982 by EMI Records Ltd. Manufactured in the UK by EMI Records Limited. Publishing info: A1, A2, A3, A7, B1, B2: Northern Songs Ltd. A4, A6: John Lennon. A5: John Lennon / ATV Music. A8: John Lennon / Ono Music. B3: Carlin Music Corp. B4, B5, B6, B7, B8: Lenono Music. / Warner Bros. Music Ltd. B9: Lenono Music. A1: ©1969 Northern Songs A2, A7: ©1970 Northern Songs A3, B2: ©1971 Northern Songs A4: ©1974 John Lennon A5: ©1974 John Lennon / ATV Music A6: ©1973 John Lennon B1: ©1971 John Lennon / Ono Music B3: ©1961 Carlin Music Corp B4, B5, B6, B7, B8: ©1980/81 Lenono Music / Warner Bros. Music B9: ©1980 Lenono Music Give Peace A Chance, Instant Karma, Power To The People, Happy Xmas (War Is Over) from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Shaved Fish[/url] Whatever Gets You Thru The Night, #9 Dream from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Walls And Bridges[/url] Mind Games from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Mind Games[/url] Love from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Plastic Ono Band[/url] Imagine and Jealous Guy from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Imagine[/url] Stand By Me from the [l=EMI Records] album [url=] Rock ’n’ Roll[/url] (Just Like) Starting Over to Dear Yoko from the [l=Geffen Records] album [url=] Double Fantasy[/url]
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