The Sun Is Often Out

by Longpigs

The Sun Is Often Out

The Sun Is Often Out (stylized as THE SUN iS OfTEN oUT) is the debut album by Longpigs, released in 1996 on U2’s record label, Mother Records. Five singles were released from the album, initially to little success. The first two - “She Said” and “Jesus Christ” - both failed to crack the UK Top 40, both stalling at No. 67. The third single - “Far” fared a little better, scraping into the Top 40, reaching No. 37 and received significant radio airplay, particularly on the national pop and rock radio station, BBC Radio 1. It was, however, the next single, “On and On” which would be the band’s breakthrough single; reaching No. 16 in the UK. With this momentum the album was released in April and shortly after “She Said” was re-released, also making it to No. 16 in the UK singles chart. The final single from the album “Lost Myself”, narrowly missed out on giving the band a third successive Top 20 single, stalling at No. 22. The Sun Is Often Out was declared one of 1996’s 50 best albums by both Q and Melody Maker and retains a favourable 4 star rating on the AllMusic website, by both critics and fans.


  1. Lost Myself
  2. She Said
  3. Far
  4. On And On
  5. Happy Again
  6. All Hype
  7. Sally Dances
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. Dozen Wicked Words
  10. Elvis
  11. Over Our Bodies

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Longpigs - On and On

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Format Vinyl LP Album Reissue (Blue)
Label Demon Records
Catalog Number DEMREC707X
Notes exclusive version with alternate barcode (on sticker) and unique blue ‘hype’ sticker. The sleeve is also hand signed by lead singer Crispin Hunt. Limited to 500 copies. Exclusive catalogue number only features on the ‘hype’ sticker. Record and inner sleeve is identical to the standard blue vinyl reissue. Sleeve is the same except for an unique barcode sticker and being signed by Crispin Hunt. Blue hype sticker reads: THE SUN iS OfTEN oUT The 1996 debut album by LONGPIGS Reissued on vinyl for the first time Includes the singles ‘On ANd ON’, ‘SHE SAiD’ & ‘LOST MySELf’ Pressed on heavyweight 180g blue vinyl Amazon exclusive Version Signed by CRiSPiN HUNT DEMREC707X [DEMON RECORDS (logo)] A “DOO-WOP” record-design by ABRAHAMS PANTS & Orla Quirke Manufactured in the EU Press details: “Demon Records is proud to present the first ever vinyl reissue of this cult classic, pressed on 180g heavyweight Blue vinyl. This Amazon Exclusive version is signed by vocalist Crispin hunt and is strictly limited to 500 copies”
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