This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)

by Lambchop

This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)

This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You) is the thirteenth studio album by American band Lambchop, released on March 22, 2019. The album appeared 50th on the Mojo magazine’s albums of the year list.


  1. The New Isn’t So You Anymore (5:19)
  2. Crosswords, Or What This Says About You (6:47)
  3. Everything For You (3:55)
  4. The Lasting Last Of You (6:08)
  5. The Air Is Heavy and I Should Be Listening to You (7:40)
  6. The December-ish You (6:20)
  7. This Is What I Wanted To Tell You (6:45)
  8. Flower (2:38)

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Lambchop - Everything For You (Official Video)

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Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition (White)
Label City Slang
Catalog Number SLANG50197LP
Notes Limited 180g White Vinyl. Comes in a die cut sleeve. Includes a fold out insert with lyrics and credits. An initial run of copies pre-ordered from the City Slang webstore included a photo signed by Kurt Wagner.
Discogs URL Lambchop - This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)