Time's Up

by Living Colour

Original Release Date: 1990-08-20

Time's Up

Living Colour’s second album blows up the muscular swagger of their debut into an eclectic, epic musical statement on survival in America. Channeling the hardcore fury of Bad Brains, the title track sounds the alarm for environmental disaster; “Elvis Is Dead” uses The King as the piñata in a savage funk-metal battering of systemic racism. But the band balances these big-picture pronouncements with intimate, playful gestures—on “Love Rears Its Ugly Head,” Corey Glover cheekily plumbs the anxieties of modern romance over a stuttering soul groove.


  1. Time’s Up (3:06)
  2. History Lesson (0:54)
  3. Pride (5:08)
  4. Love Rears Its Ugly Head (4:19)
  5. New Jack Theme (3:30)
  6. Someone Like You (3:52)
  7. Elvis Is Dead (3:51)
  8. Type (5:33)
  9. Information Overload (6:12)
  10. Under Cover Of Darkness (4:18)
  11. Ology1 (1:19)
  12. Fight The Fight (4:34)
  13. Tag Team Partners (0:52)
  14. Solace Of You (3:38)
  15. This Is The Life (6:24)

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Living Colour - Solace of You

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