Tunng Presents... Dead Club

by Tunng

Tunng Presents... Dead Club


  1. Eating The Dead
  2. Death Is The New Sex
  3. SDC
  4. Three Birds
  5. A Million Colours
  6. Carry You
  7. The Last Day
  8. Tsunami
  9. Man
  10. Scared To Death
  11. Fatally Human
  12. Woman

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tunng - A Million Colours [Official Video]

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Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition (Magenta)
Label Full Time Hobby
Catalog Number FTH390LPB
Notes - Supported using public funding by Arts Council England DEAD CLUB is dedicated to anyone who is grieving Limited edition of 300. Hype Sticker reads - “tunng Tunng Presents … Dead Club A contemplative and celebratory record on death and grief. Composed and produced by Tunng, Featuring Contributions from Max Porter. Tunng Store Exclusive 2x Magenta LP. limited to 300 Includes download code. FTH390LPB”
Discogs URL Tunng - Tunng Presents… Dead Club