Welcome To The Pleasuredome

by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Welcome to the Pleasuredome is the debut studio album by English synth-pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, first released on 29 October 1984 by ZTT Records. Originally issued as a vinyl double album, it was assured of a UK chart entry at number one due to reported advance sales of over one million. It actually sold around a quarter of a million copies in its first week. The album was also a top-10 seller internationally in countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. While commercially successful, the album also drew criticism for containing new versions of all of the songs from the group’s (already much-remixed) singles from the same year (“Relax” and “Two Tribes”, plus B-side “War”), as well as a surfeit of cover versions in lieu of much new original material. It was later revealed that Trevor Horn’s production dominated the record so thoroughly that the band’s own instrumental performances were often replaced by session musicians or Horn himself. Frankie’s second album, Liverpool, actively featured the full band. However, the album’s evergreen ballad “The Power of Love” subsequently provided the group with their third consecutive UK number one single. To celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary, in October 2014, ZTT through Union Square Music released a limited edition (2,000 copies only) box set entitled Inside the Pleasuredome, available exclusively from the website pledgemusic.com. The box set contains rarities on 10" vinyl, as well as a book, a DVD, a cassette (featuring 13 mixes of “Relax” and its B-side “One September Monday”) as well as a new 2014 remastered version of Welcome to the Pleasuredome on 180g vinyl.


  1. F - Pray Frankie Pray
  2. Well… (0:57)
  3. The World Is My Oyster (1:05)
  4. Snatch Of Fury (Stay) (1:20)
  5. Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (12:24)
  6. G - Say Frankie Say
  7. Relax (Come Fighting) (4:00)
  8. War (…And Hide) (6:11)
  9. Two Tribes (For The Victims Of Ravishment) (3:58)
  10. T - Stay Frankie Stay
  11. Ferry (Go) (1:55)
  12. Born To Run (3:56)
  13. San Jose (The Way) (3:10)
  14. Wish (The Lads Were Here) (3:06)
  15. Including The Ballad Of 32 (4:23)
  16. H - Play Frankie Play
  17. Krisco Kisses (3:03)
  18. Black Night White Light (4:04)
  19. The Only Star In Heaven (4:18)
  20. The Power Of Love (5:24)
  21. Bang… (1:14)

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Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Pleasuredome
Format Vinyl 2× LP Album (EMI Pressing, Gatefold)
Label ZTT
Catalog Number ZTT IQ1
Notes Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves (round corners). Some copies came with a sticker with European cat# 302 419-977 on upper right corner of back cover (UK version imported to mainland Europe?) From sleeve notes: IQ number one becomes no.four in Zang Tuum Tumb’s fishy Action Series. “Ain’t that peculiar.” Record two’s inner sleeve includes a mail order form for FGTH accessories, such as the “Sophisticated Virginia Woolf vest for the luxury of life” and the “Jean Genet boxer shorts”, modelled by Paul Rutherford of the group Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Claudia Bruecken [sic] of the group Propaganda … “[4 symbols] x (frankie symbol) = BANG! (the spunk plus the bomb plus the pump plus the torture instrument times frankie equalling the bang is an exclusive piece of ZTT exploitation.)” © ZTT 1984 A1, A2, A4, B1, B3, C4, C5, D1, D2, D3, D4, D5: Perfect Songs Ltd A3, C1: Dick James Music Ltd B2: Jobete Music (UK) Ltd C2: Zomba Music Ltd C3: Carlin Music Corp Side A banded as one continuous piece. Spelling inconsistencies (intentional or otherwise) appear on release: • title listed as Welcome To The Pleasuredome on front, spine and inner sleeve / The Pleasure Dome on labels; • track C1 listed as ‘ferry (Go)’ on inner sleeve / ‘fury’ on label. • track D1 listed as ‘Krisco Kisses’ on inner sleeve / ‘Ḱrisco Ḱisses’ on label.
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